(From left to right: Bobby, Corina, MaryBeth, Abe, Asaph, Sarah, Evangeline, David, Abigail, Cherish, Johannah (pregnant with Abra), Scott, Tali, Garrett)

Our Story

Findmeavan.com as a company was formally established in 2011 but it’s origins, vision, and values go back decades.  Growing up on a farm in very rural Alabama, Bobby, the owner and founder of Findmeavan.com and his older brother were raised by an adopted grandfather, who, as Bobby often says was “the greatest man I ever knew!”  His grandfather had a third grade formal education but was quite literate, extremely wise, and had a Ph.D. in love, honor and Christlikeness. He worked in a lumberyard to supplement the farm and brought the two boys up to enjoy hard work, the great outdoors, and gave both of them a life long lesson on staying married to the same woman, their grandmother, for more than 60 wonderful years!  Bobby grew up loving business and as a young entrepreneur quickly realized business is best done in the context of integrity, honesty and trust. He says that he was “arrested” by Christ at the age of 17 and that moment was pivotal in his life. All the bitterness and pain of being given away as a six year old boy was washed away as God revealed himself to Bobby as a Father and friend. He has never been the same.  

Soon after trusting Christ, Bobby sensed a call toward ministry, primarily preaching, and that’s just what he did. His first sermon was delivered at that small church in his hometown. No one in Bobby’s family, to this point, had ever attended college. Believing he needed to grow and prepare for ministry he attended Martin College in Pulaski, Tennessee, graduating in 1983. He also attended Greensboro College in Greensboro, North Carolina, finished his BA at Hardin Simmons University and went on to work on an M Div. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bobby also graduated from Emmaus Road School of Ministry in 1995.  

In order to pay for college Bobby began selling books door to door with the Southwestern Company out of Nashville, Tennessee for five summers.  As well, he and his brother Rickey grew up with a passion for cars so Bobby would often purchase a car from a friend back in Alabama, drive it to college, and sell the car for a small profit to help with tuition and living expenses. This continued on as a supplement to get through college, graduate school, and the early years of ministry. The idea of marketing vans came as a result of a beautiful young woman Bobby met while working with the Southwestern Company. She was the companies number one salesperson her first year and after a brief relationship Corina and Bobby married.  They were greatly blessed with eight children and the need for a van came quickly. They knew a lot of other large families who were in need of nearly new, quality transportation for their family so Bobby began to look for vans. Thus, Findmeavan.com was formed and has grown with leaps and bounds since it’s beginning with a very specific vision: to “glorify God and to serve and satisfy our clients with excellence and integrity by providing the highest quality vans and other vehicles at the very best value.”  

Three of Bobby and Corina’s children are married and have given them two new grandchildren, Asaph Solomon Bratrud and Abra Ballad Volmer. All of their eight children and their spouses possess a love for Christ and His church and are grateful for the grace of God to “arrest” a very poor orphan from rural Alabama, call him to ministry and business, give him a wife “far above rubies”, gift him the opportunity to attend college, and allow him to found a company that serves families and businesses all over the nation.

Our Team Commitment

Our commitment is that through knowledge, research, make-ready, pre-inspection and marketing we will serve our clients by taking the pain out of your purchase. We also commit to offer extended warranties on each vehicle purchased.

Our Vision

Findmeavan.com is a family owned business that exists to glorify God and to serve and satisfy our customers with excellence and integrity by providing the highest quality of vans and other vehicles at the very best value.